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Some Thoughts...

I came across the following words a few days ago and they started me thinking, Is this the sort of impression the Apostolic Catholic Church projects and if not why not?

The Church
Should be a community
Where people are welcome
Outcasts are loved
Underdogs find a champion
The hopeless find hope
And the friendless find a friend.

Read those words again very slowly and think very carefully about what you are reading. And then ask the question, Is my church like that?

Many years ago when I was living in Africa there was a story going around – ‘A young African lad was sitting on the steps of a church, crying his eyes out. A stranger came along and asked what was the matter. The lad said, “I want to go into the church to worship but the people wont let me” (It was a Whites only church). The stranger then identified who he was, He was Jesus, and he said to the young lad, don’t worry, dry your eyes.“I have been trying to get into that church for years but they won’t let me get in”.

I hope the ACC welcomes all and extends the hand of friendship to all.

Every Blessing   ++RONALD

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