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Child Protection Policy


The safety and comfort of children is of paramount importance

Accordingly, the ACC operates a child protection policy


  • We will treat all young people with respect

  • Where possible we will plan activities so that there is more than one adult present

  • We will minimise situations where one adult is working alone with a child

  • We will not permit any form of bullying, physical or verbal

  • We will avoid inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others

  • We will endeavour to encourage an atmosphere where members feel free to talk about attitudes or behaviour



  • ALL allegations or suspicions MUST be reported immediately and directly to the Social Work Department or Police Child Protection Unit no matter how insignificant they may seem by the person the child has confided in. That person must also notify other officials within the Church that the situation has been reported

  • NO investigation or questioning should be undertaken


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Have an appropriate criminal records disclosure check undertaken. This is usually an Enhanced Disclosure

Be checked to ensure that they are not on the register of persons prohibited from working with children

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